About Twisha

Hello. This is the blog for Twisha Shah-Brandenburg.

Designer by day. Artist by night.

I have been working in the human-centered design space for retailers, brands and non-profit organizations. I have had numerous roles within design ranging from exhibit design, communication, user experience research and design planning. The cumulative effect of all of these different practices has made me an empathetic and effective storyteller and strategist.

I have helped organizations internally align around the right moments in their customer journey across channels/departments so that they might ultimately create more targeted user-centered solutions that help their businesses grow and thrive during this time of digital transformation.

In addition to being a practitioner, I teach classes at the undergraduate and graduate levels in design planning and innovation. I am excited about helping the next generation of practitioners identify where users and business needs overlap to create more holistic solutions.

When I am not working, I am contemplating patterns and giving my ideas a voice through these illustrations.

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